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For Patients

The Center for Ambulatory Surgery, a leading provider of outpatient surgical services, offers patients and physicians a safe, convenient and affordable alternative to hospital based surgery. The surgery center is equipped with the finest state-of-the-art equipment and the expert healthcare staff provides highly individualized care to every patient.

The following patients WILL NOT BE ADMITTED at The Center.

Patients with:

  • ASA 4 Classification as per State Law
  • Unstable asthma (patient with audible expiratory wheezing)
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes (Blood sugar greater than 300)
  • Patients with glucose of >200 with positive urine ketones
  • Younger than 5 months of age (Note: infants who were discharged from the hospital/NICU stay with history of apnea post-hospital discharge or had long histories NICU stay with known apnea will not be admitted to The Center until they are one year of age)
  • History of blood dyscrasia, etiology unknown
  • Significant recent EKG changes
  • Seizure disorder with recent seizure activity (unless recent seizure has been consulted with and adequately treated by neurologist)
  • Patients > 350 lbs

All ASA III will require medical evaluation and clearance.